Aiya Matcha——We perfectly blend an over 120 years old process with the latest technology.

Matcha’s popularity actually dates back 800 years. Aiya Japan has enjoyed a stellar reputation among ceremonial tea circles since its founding in 1888. We also have a prominent position in both the food and medicinal products industry as our brilliant quality Matcha and other tea products are used extensively in each. Aiya’s Matcha is the champion of Japan’s tea industry!

Aiya fervently respects the traditional tea making process while also taking food safety to a whole new level. Matcha has been proven as a healthy beverage/food by a massive amount of scientific research. As health consciousness in dietary choices continues to grow, the worldwide demand for Matcha will grow exponentially.

Company name: Shanghai Aiya Foods Co.Ltd.
( Predecessor : Zhejiang Aiya Tea Co.Ltd. )
Investor: 日本株式會社あいや ( AIYA CO., LTD.) A century old tea enterprise

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